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Our Fencing department covers all equipment for competitive and recreational fencers. It is here you will find all of our fencing related weapons and equipment, as well as books, videos, clothing and other items.


Out Armoury department is the Continentís largest supplier of theatrical and period weapons. It is here you will find all of our excellent replica weapons: daggers, broadswords, shortswords and the like.


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These items are all new, tho some have been washed due to dust or dirt or rust getting on them while they were in storage. Most spots came out bit if there is a stain we couldnít remove we will tell you when you order. The rest are discontinued items, or from old patterns we are no longer using.


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Our business hours and all the info needed to contact us, as well as our on-line Info request form.


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information about American Fencers Supply Co., itís history and owner.

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NEWS: Matthew Porter, owner and operator of American Fencers Supply will be leaving this Sat., 7/23 for Rio in advance of the Summer Olympics there.  As Armorer for the U.S. Fencing team for over 18 years he has worked with most of the teams in many Championships and this will be his 3rd Olympics.  His job is to keep all the equipment up to specs and in perfect working order.  He will not return til 8/17.  As a result some orders may be delayed til then.  We will contact you if it appears your order will be among those delayed.

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NEWS: AFS is expanding our phone hours as part of our new emphasis on phone and internet service.  Our new hours will be 9:00 to 5:00 Pacific Time, Mon. thru Fri. effective 9/5/15. 

Personal appointments for repairs or fittings will be available 7 days a week anytime.  Please call or email us for a time. 

We are also moving and while we will no longer feature a show-room you can contact us for an appointment.

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All chest and back pieces from the Armory now on sale, $100 for steel and $75 for the brass selections. Go HERE to view whatís left in stock.

Gift Certificates!   Don't forget, we have gift certificates available for any amount you want. They never expire!

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Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm,

Note: Here are our planned holiday closures.

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We are here to see to ALL your fencing needs. We can do almost any kind of repair on the premises whether sewing, mechanical, or electrical. Give us a call for estimates.

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