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Fencing Video

Individual Tape

Information About
Maestro Charles Selberg and His Video Series

Available exclusively through American Fencers Supply

Maestro Charles Selberg, author of the widely read fencing text "Foil" (New York: Random House, 1976) and the eagerly awaited, sorely anticipated successor, the revised "Foil" (Ashland, OR: Spotted Dog Press, 1993) is well known in the fencing world for his keen insights into the psychological and aesthetic, as well as the competitive dimensions, of fencing. He has a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Art from San Francisco State University and was awarded the Maitre D'Armes degree by the Federation International d'Escrime in 1967. He was a student of Eric Funke, Jack Nottingham, Hans Halberstadt, and George Pillar. Experienced in all levels of private and public education as a teacher of art as well as fencing, he has been training recreational and competitive fencers for over thirty years, and was himself a member of the three-man U.S. foil team which won the first (and only) gold medal for the U.S. in the World Masters' Foil Championships, in 1970.

After retiring from his senior tenured faculty position at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he taught for sixteen years, he moved to Ashland, Oregon, and established the Selberg Fencing Academy, which has the distinction of being not only a salle d'armes of growing importance for development of teaching methods and audio-visual aids, but also a major photographic archive of American fencing. Maestro Selberg was honored during the 1986 fencing season by having one of the North American Cup Circuit tournaments, the Selberg Open, named after him.

In addition to the competitive fencers he currently trains, Selberg devotes time to the production of instructional video tapes relating to ALL aspects of modern fencing. Through the miracle of electronics, a first-rate fencing master is now available to everyone interested in fencing. Selberg's videos present a complete, authoritative, accurate and intelligent view of both competitive and recreational opportunities. Selberg offers an in-depth examination of fencing theory and practice as well as clear view of technique and methodology. In addition, he presents invaluable information for the teacher as well as the student, for both individual and class instruction on all levels of fencing interest. As a coach, teacher, and fencing master, Selberg covers the subject in a way that is not only informative, but is also highly interesting. His videos are certain to be a landmark for fencing instruction.

"I feel that I've discovered the perfect medium through which Fencing can be taught. It's delightful to be able to reach so many people on such a broad basis."

Charles A. Selberg


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The Fencing Video Workshop by Maestro Charles Selberg

American Fencers Supply is pleased to sponsor and make available the three part "Selberg Fencing Workshop" video set. Each tape is a complete statement in itself; while all three present an entire picture of a master workshop in which all basic aspects of modern fencing are presented. We are certain that fencers and teachers alike will value this workshop as an essential resource for up-to-date, complete and authoritative information which relates to the theory and practice of contemporary fencing. Here can be seen one of America's foremost teachers as he presents through demonstration, group instruction and lecture, the essential ingredients of fencing skill development. Maestro Selberg has been described as "the best mind in American Fencing". We are certain this video workshop proves the point. With over thirty five years as a teacher and coach, Selberg de-mystifies methodology, offering a practical approach to the learning process, as well as a path toward a more complete understanding and appreciation of modern fencing. Each tape in this set is literally packed with information, which is presented clearly, beautifully, and in an original and interesting manner. You will not be disappointed.

DVD-201S: SELBERG FENCING WORKSHOP, PART 1. Learning the game; mental disposition; the electrical foil, the touch and its implication on technique; group instruction; the line drill as a means to movement, footwork timing, distance and tempo; footwork as the prime weapon; practical scoring and theory. 120 minutes, Two DVD Set.

DVD-202S & VHS-202S: SELBERG FENCING WORKSHOP, PART 2. Footwork and counter time; partnership training; principles of balance; the learning process; footwork, tempo and breath control; the modern conception of fencing effectiveness; the electrical method; group instruction and the line drill. 120 minutes, Two DVD Set.

DVD-203S & VHS-203S: SELBERG FENCING WORKSHOP, PART 3. The modern sabre and its application; foil strategy and tactics; the fencing ground and its application to scoring; lines of defense and line changes; parries and their modern function; the line drill and additional footwork; right-of-way training theory; stages of development. 120 minutes, Two DVD Set.

Available exclusively through American Fencers Supply.

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Individual Tape/DVD Descriptions



RiverSword Studios has begun a series of instructional videos. This DVD features world class fencing as the model for imaginations young and old. DVD technology makes it easy to locate and play back actions. Magnifying every element of each action from foot/blade work to the analysis of the referees decisions, this DVD is a MUST buy.

DVD-1S: INTRODUCTION TO MODERN FENCING (Things to know before the first lesson). This is a highly interesting tape for teachers and students alike. This video offers a clear understanding of the classical French and Italian fencing styles as they evolved from renaissance origins down to the modern sporting context. The video presents the essential theory which forms past and present methodology as it relates to strategy and tactical advantage. This material is a MUST for anyone studying the modern game. 67 minutes.

DVD/VHS-2S: EVOLUTION OF THE SWORD. This video presents the sword as it evolves from past forms down to its present usage as a gaming weapon. The tape clearly shows how the sword has made the step from the dueling ground into the sporting arena, and the prime traditions from which fencing styles have been derived. This tape is a must for anyone interested in modern fencing and its origins. 90 minutes.

DVD/VHS-3S: GROUP LESSON AND FOOTWORK, PART 1. Includes a thorough examination of fencing movement as it relates to footwork and the competitive situation., Also shows the method for teaching footwork in a group situation, includes extensive treatment of strategic and tactical issues relating to balance, tempo, distance and timing. 90 minutes.

DVD/VHS-4S: GROUP LESSON AND FOOTWORK, PART 2. This video concentrates on the format of the group training session and line drill. Maestro Selberg demonstrates and explains the theory and practice of group training as a learning experience, in which all levels of ability can participate and benefit. This tape offers an excellent and practical approach to group instruction for anyone teaching fencing in the class environment. However, video #3S, GROUP LESSON AND FOOTWORK, PART 1, should be considered a prerequisite to viewing this tape. 85 minutes.

DVD-5S: FOOTWORK, FOIL. This video offers a comprehensive treatment of footwork and its development for practical application to modern competitive foil fencing. The tape clearly demonstrates footwork as it relates to all offensive and defensive needs of foil fencing and shows its relationship to distance, tempo, and counter-time tactics. 120 minutes, Two DVD Set

DVD-6S: INDIVIDUAL FOIL LESSON, PART 1. Includes methodology relating to attack and defense as it is practiced and developed through the individual lesson. Includes a wide variety of techniques which are essential to sound basic development. 55 minutes

DVD-7S: INDIVIDUAL FOIL LESSON, PART 2. Includes methodology and strategy for attack and defense as it is developed through the individual lesson. This material is geared for the advanced fencer and includes forms of technique which are applicable to the competitive environment, i.e. counter time, angulated thrusts, opposition actions on the blade and general footwork. 85 minutes

DVD-8S: INDIVIDUAL EPEE LESSON. Includes methodology and techniques for teaching and learning basic epee within the context of the individual lesson. An excellent tape for anyone wishing to learn basic epee or anyone interested in improving his or her game. 60 minutes.

DVD-9S: FOOTWORK, SABER. This video offers a complete treatment of saber footwork and its relationship to the offensive and defensive needs of the modern saber game. The tape presents a clear view of the importance of footwork to tempo, distance and counter-time strategy as well as its effect on neurological aspects of the competitive context. 90 minutes.

DVD-10S: INDIVIDUAL SABER LESSON, PART 1. Includes methodology for saber defense as it relates to parries, repostes, stop cuts and distance. All action is demonstrated within the context of the individual lesson where teaching methodology and theory are clearly presented and demonstrated. This tape is a must for anyone interested in saber fencing. 90 minutes.

DVD-11S: INDIVIDUAL SABER LESSON, PART 2. Includes methodology for saber offense as it relates to attacks, target areas and methods of preparation utilizing beats, feints, temp breaks and counter-time strategy. All action is presented clearly through the context of the individual lesson. This tape is a wealth of information to all levels of fencing interest. 95 minutes.

DVD & VHS-12S: RIGHT OF WAY. This video offers a thorough understanding of right-of-way and its basic relationship to the "orderly sequence of play". The tape demonstrates the right-of-way concept as it is derived from its original source on the dueling ground and the sharp point. Here, right-of-way is presented as it applies to the logical and conceptual needs of sport fencing. Mr. Selberg examines the right-of-way concept in relationship to fencing time, tempo, distance, and the "fencing phrase". This material is highly informative and interesting and a must for teachers and students alike. 115 minutes, Two DVD Set or VHS.

DVD and VHS-13S: ANGULATED ATTACKS. This video demonstrates the essential characteristics of modern electrical foil in contrast to standard dry point foil fencing. The importance of angulated action relative to the electrical touch is shown both throughout a detailed demonstration and comprehensive explanation of strategic and tactical considerations. The tape deals specifically with the questions of right-of-way, tempo, distance, and counter-time as these elements have been modified to suit electrical foil realities. 90 minutes.

DVD-14S & VHS-14S: THE ELECTRICAL FOIL AND ITS USE. This video clearly and comprehensively demonstrates offensive and defensive methodology for modern electrical foil fencing. The tape presents a thorough analysis of modern parrying systems, attacks, counter-time strategy, tempo, and right-of-way considerations. This information is a must for anyone interested in a better understanding of the modern game. 90 minutes.

DVD-15S: THE ELECTRICAL EPEE AND ITS USE. This video covers a complete range of technique, strategy, tactics, and theory relating to modern epee needs. The tape clearly demonstrates essential methodology for both offensive and defensive scoring as well as counter-time strategy relating to stop thrusts, time thrusts and attacks into tempo. 105 minutes.

DVD-16S: THE SABER AND ITS USE. This video offers a comprehensive treatment of modern saber strategy, tactics and general methodology. The tape presents technique as it develops in relationship to defense, offense and counter-time cuts. Stop cuts in relationship to parries, line of attack and right-of-way are given special consideration. In addition, information relative to the modern game as it is contrasted to older styles proves to be most informative and highly interesting. The methodology presented here is derived from the innovations made by Italo Santelli, Barsodi, and George Pillar. This highly interesting video is a must for teachers of saber as well as those who are developing a modern competitive game. 105 minutes.

DVD-20S & VHS-20S: ADVANCED FOIL LESSON. This video presents a complete advanced foil lesson, emphasizing the essential relationship between hand and footwork, parries, repostes, attacks and general physical conditioning. Mark Headley is featured in this video. He is securely ranked among the top twenty foil fencers in the United States. His lesson demonstrates superb technique as it is developed through his training with Maestro Selberg, This video is comprehensive and is of interest to competitive fencers and teachers alike. 75 minutes.

DVD-22S: ADVANCED SABRE LESSON. This video presents a complete individual sabre lesson. The tape demonstrates in comprehensive detail the essential techniques, refinements and conditioning needed for the high level competitive sabre fencing. Also, the tape includes a complete analysis of modern sabre fencing as it can be contrasted to older forms of fencing. Maestro Selberg includes materials which relate to the theory and practice of modern sabre, which is clearly presented in a thorough, intelligent and interesting way. This video is a must for anyone interested in a modern approach to competitive sabre fencing. 60 minutes.

DVD-40S & VHS-40S: THE LEFT HANDED FENCER. Includes a detailed technical and strategic approach to the problems confronted when fencing a "Lefty" on both beginning and advanced levels of combat. 65 minutes.

VHS-70S: INSTRUCTIONAL TAPE FOR THE TEACHERS OF FENCING, FOIL, THE LEARNING PROCESS, PART 1. This video presents, through illustration and lecture, the seven stages of learning development relating to fencing. The teacher of fencing will find this video exceptionally useful relative to individual and group instruction. We suggest that the student of fencing will also benefit from studying this tape. The information presented in this tape is based on Mr. Selberg's thirty five years as a competitive fencer and fencing master. "Hopefully, everyone who fences will study this tape. The theoretical and pedagogical information contained in this video can clarify problems confronting the student and teacher of Fencing." Charles A. Selberg. 80 minutes.

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